Under-ice fishing

Under-ice net fishing - spot fishing with a fisherman on Lake Võrtsjärvi!

The product is offered during the winter season (January – March) NB! Under-ice netting depends on ice conditions.


Under-ice netting – KOHAPÜÜK with a fisherman on Lake Võrtsjärv.

Arrival at the Jõesuu Tourist Lodge, where the fisherman will introduce you to the on-ice netting/inspection/extraction ahead, and then you will pack the necessary equipment and drive to the ice.

Ride on ice with snowmobile and sledge.

After netting, a drive back to Jõesuu Tourist Farm, where a warm sauna, overnight accommodation and sharing emotions await.

If you wish, we can offer a fish gutting workshop as well as a cooking workshop.

You should dress accordingly to avoid the cold.

PROVIDER: Jõesuu Holiday House OÜ

PRICE OF THE PACKAGE:to be determined on the basis of a separate quotation in agreement with the customer.

Contact: Jaanus Jakobson / Tel: +37 250 45979 / info@joesuu.ee