Team games




After the teams are formed, they perform tasks to collect materials, which are then used to make different-looking rafts. The building board then decides whether the life rafts meet the requirements. To prove the performance of the watercraft, a rally will be held where the newly built machines will take to the water. Game
require proximity to a body of water.


Up to 30 people 768 €
31-39 people 888 €
40-49 people 1008 €
50-59 persons 1128 €
60-69 persons 1248 €
70-200 people – Ask for a price


Your task is to make a stop-motion short film. A game guide, a photo camera and team creativity. Stop-motion is an animation technique in which all the action is captured frame by frame. In montage, where the subject is made to move 7x faster, everything becomes real. You can watch the films in the evening programme in the Film Gallery.


up to 10 people 350 €
each additional person. 20 €
35-50 people 850 €
51-70 people 1000 €
71-100 people 1250 €


A murder mystery is a fun and intriguing Agatha Christie-style role-playing game where our team stages a murder mystery sketch in front of your eyes. Eyewitnesses become detectives who use clues to find out who committed the murder, why and how. Detectives have access to a laboratory, an interrogation room and a morgue for examining details.


1-20 people 780 €
21-35 people 830 €
36-45 people 940 €
46-55 people 1040 €



Team game for the clever, ages 13-103. A competition not for raw muscle power, but for logical thinking, speed, creativity and knowledge. You have to put into play all the things you remembered at school, life and folklore, as well as genetic predispositions. It’s a chance to discover the sleeping or unawakened engineer, builder, astronaut or mechanic inside you.


1-20 people 850 €
21-35 people 1000 €
36-50 people 1200 €
51-70 persons 1445 €
71-80 persons 1645 €
81-90 persons 1845 €
91-100 people 2045 €
111-120 persons 2245 €


It’s a game where teams are tasked with finding and acquiring AARE as quickly as possible. To unlock the code-locked treasure, you need to pass through various points, and along the way you will encounter codes, shifters, traps, puzzles, surprises and more. The winning team will be the first to use the clues given in the game to generate a code to unlock the treasure chest.


1-10 people 690 €
11-20 people 740 €
21-30 people 840 €
31-50 people 940 €


“Search and rescue puts even the strongest teams to the test and puts players in a truly challenging situation. The players’ sense of compassion, sight, hearing and speech will be challenged. It’s a team-building exercise where players discover new aspects about themselves and other team members. In spite of the big challenge, it is an extremely fun game.


1-15 persons 525 €
each additional person. 15 €


Accidents can happen unexpectedly wherever we are, whatever the time of day or the season. How good are you at giving help when a loved one, colleague or stranger needs it? The ABC of First Aid consists of two parts: theory and a competition. The organisers of the game are members of Elamuspank and the Estonian Red Cross Viljandimaa Society.


1- 25 persons 714 €
26-30 people 834 €
31-35 persons 954 €
36-100 people – Ask



Geo-adventure is a team game that tests both the knowledge and the physical fitness of the participants. Each team will receive a GPS device, a pen and a piece of paper on which you can draw a map of your chosen topic
crossword. The aim is to find as many points as possible marked on a certain territory, where crosswords await you. The game can be made even more exciting with different adventure challenges.

up to 10 people 290 €
each additional person, 18 €
36-50 people 750 €
51-70 people 840 €
71-100 people 980 €
101-130 people 1140 €


Do you want a team game that offers a variety of challenges? If so, you’re ready for a game of extremes, where your
The teams will engage in a fierce four-hour battle – first with canoes on the water, then by rock-climbing between earth and sky, shooting darts and finally in a paintball battle. It is a truly adventurous day!

up to 20 people 984 €
21-30 people 1224 €
31-40 persons 1444€
41-60 people Ask


Remember when we were kids, bending bows out of leprechauns and fighting forest battles as Robin Hood? Now is your chance to feel like a hero again! An archery hunt is a walk in the fresh air, where target boards and animal-shaped targets are placed along the edge of the woods, and points are scored for hitting them to determine the most accurate hunter.


up to 10 people 350 €
each additional person. 18 €
36-50 people 850 €
51-70 people 980 €


Paintball is a fun game that gives you an adrenaline rush and a lot to talk about in the evening sauna! You don’t have to be a “rambo” to succeed in the game. Courage, speed, accuracy and judgement are needed – everything else will come during the game.


18 €/in person*
* price plus
VAT 20%

NB! Under 12 members
the group adds
instructor fee 18 €/h
Extra balls 0,04 €/piece


There are skills to keep on hand for when the internet and electricity run out. This is where it’s more than wise to pick up and come for an adrenaline-pumping, yet completely safe, archery match. Archery can be held in the marked outdoor area or in the large hall. Proper protection will ensure you don’t lose half your eyes when you head home.


0-10 persons 250 €
11-20 people 480€
21-200 persons 600€