Seine fishing

Teamwork Experience Training: " Seine fishing "

Minimum of 10 people at a time.

Fishing by seine is in itself a fishing activity with a historical flavour and a continuation of old fishing traditions today. Permission for this type of fishing is passed down from generation to generation.

Originally, there were no paddles that fishermen use today to catch fish (these rings in the water), there was only a flax or a knot, which was pulled by a bunch of fishermen crosswise to the river and later they all started to pull it together into a bag. That’s how we got the harvest. Nowadays, it’s done in the same way, and it’s done in late autumn – when the water is low – because it’s more likely to be harvested. With the introduction of such activities, OÜ Jõesuu Puhkemaja – Jõesuu Tourism House continues to introduce the old fishing traditions.

In order for the event to run well and efficiently, you should plan for a full day.
It takes time to change clothes, and it takes time for all that “man” to get the instructions for the day from the instructors, to check the boat, repair it if necessary, and pack the necessary equipment.

Knot pulling is done as time and possibilities allow, but at least twice.

Our knowledgeable men – your instructors promise to try to get you all into the action and we promise you emotion and the smell of fish, because seining is a team effort and there is no slicing and dicing. After each note is struck, there is a joint analysis of what went wrong and how it was done☺…. what went wrong and how it could be done better….

In the evening, a workshop on gutting, smoking or frying fish, eating, sauna and sharing emotions.

You should dress accordingly to avoid getting cold and wet feet.

We can provide you with waders and wading trousers – the long kind… called fishermen’s trousers.

See you there 🙂