Price list

Price list

Accommodation, room rentals, party chalets - prices.

Houses and recreation sites must be returned in the condition in which they were received.

Holiday cottages 4 (houses), max 6 in a house

Price – 50 €/per person night during the week, 250 €/night during the weekend (max 6 in)

Longer reservations by agreement

Caravan site with electricity

Price – 20€ caravan + 5€ /per person

Camping 4 units, 21 m2

Price – 30€/person/day

Camping, 14 m2

Price – 40€/person/day

Sauna house by the pond, 160 m2

Price – €550 per day (8-10 people) or €65 per person per week.

Price in low season (Nov.-May) 425€/day (8-10 in)

Longer reservations by agreement

External deck with floor and terrace

Price subject to agreement.


Price – 10€ /in

Additional activities

From September until the high tide, seine fishing

Introducing old fishing traditions.

Estimated according to the team and price to be agreed.

Hot tub

Price for up to 10.

– 100 € per session.

Plunger sauna


For each activity, there is a service price plus VAT at the legal rate – accommodation 9% other services 20%.

OÜ Jõesuu Holiday House reserves the right to change the prices of services.