Accommodation in the Jõesuu

Houses and recreation sites must be returned in the condition in which they were received.

Holiday cottages 4 (houses), max 6 in a house

Price – 50 €/night during the week, 250 €/night during the weekend (max 6 in)

Longer reservations by agreement

Camping 4 units, 21 m2

Price – 30€/day

Camping, 14 m2

Price – 40€/day

Sauna house by the pond, 160 m2

Price – €550 per day (8-10 people) or €65 per person per week.

Price in low season (Nov-May) 425€/ night (8-10 in)

Longer reservations by agreement

For each activity, there is a service price plus VAT at the legal rate – accommodation 9% other services 20%.

OÜ Jõesuu Holiday House reserves the right to change the prices of services.